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Eligible for membership in The Department of History Alumni Association are: 

a. Current and former faculty in the USAF Academy Department of History. This includes members from any of the U.S. armed forces assigned to the Department, the Royal Air Force, civilian faculty, and Distinguished Visiting Professors.

b. USAFA graduates who majored in history, regional studies, or qualified for the American Studies minor.

c. The President of The Department of History Alumni Association will approve all qualified applicants for membership.

d. The Officers of the Department of History Alumni Association, by majority vote and with the agreement of the Department Head, may accept members that do not meet the criteria described above.   

Those having questions about membership should contact Larry Weaver at

Please click on the below link, then fill out and submit the form for membership.

We also want to stay connected to those of you who have a relationship with DFH but do not qualify under the above rules. For you, please join our USAFA Friends of DFH Alumni Association by filling out and submitting the following membership form: